Police Department

I was sitting in an empty room in the police department of my city. Alone. I had a couple of minutes thinking done to myself when an Inspector came into the room.
Long hands, enormous body and huge brown eyes characterized him. He sat down to the chair opposite me, had a featureless folder in his palms with my last name written on the side. Arlington.
– Arlington, Nora. – he sad without looking up at me.
– Me too. – was my reply, but he did not laugh.
Like a narrator, told me the details of my birth place and date, my address, my family status, etc. I already knew. No surprise there.
I did not say a word, just looked at him with my puppy eyes…my expertise.
No use, as he did not look up from my files (if anyone could call a one-pager “files”). My fingertips were covered by ink because of the fingerprints a nice lady officer with huge backside took from me beforehand.
– I would have just one question to you, Nora, if you allow me to call you Nora, to clear your situation.
I have said nothing, did not want to break the pleasant silence I always practice along with the puppy-eyes.
He looked at me finally, his moustache the coolest and neatest I ever saw. Then he spoke:
– You, and your best friend, Eva York, have engraved an enormous part of a male reproductive system on the hood of your husband’s, Ryan Arlington’s vehicle, a new Mercedes SL, via using a bottle of hundred-year old whiskey and a box of Tampax, before accidentally burning off the garage. Could you please summarize the ‘WHY’ in one word for me?
I thought through the situation, of the fact that what he just said was absolutely correct and I really did not want to go into detail of my husband being the absolute bastard for cheating on me with our former wedding planner and did not want to highlight the fact that he has bought the coolest summer house for me for our 1 year anniversary that happened to be under the name of the wedding planner hooker. So instead I cleared my throat and said the following:
– I did not really like the colour of it to be honest with you.
I saw his eyebrows going upwards by an inch and a smile forming in one of the corners of his mouth. He really had the most amazing moustache ever.
He stood up, put out his right hand towards me and said:
– Unfortunately, households accidents happen all the time.
So I got out. Along with Eva.

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Last night

Today is a brand new start for me as I have decided last night to write my story. The tale of my family. It’s hearth-warming with full of love, crazy and laughable. I think, via writing it off my head, I can help others to see the bright side of anything that happens in life when there is love present.

I have lost everything in the last year or so. Our house, my husband, my former life, my money, my studies and to be honest with you my car is up for auction. 

Life changes, but there shall be one rule everyone needs to follow:

“Pump up your jaw and keep going”

So, let’s the story begin. (I would like to highlight that I am not a native English speaker, so please excuse my lameness in writing).

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